Corvettes at Carlisle 2023 Team Lingenfelter

Corvettes at Carlisle 2023 Team Lingenfelter

Ken and I always look forward to Corvettes at Carlisle!!

This year was another record breaker in attendance.  Team Lingenfelter represented in our 2020 Arctic White C8 Corvette with our Carbon Intake, Corsa Extreme Exhaust and a few other upgrades adding an extra 100hp. 


Lingenfelter Performance Engineering was the proud sponsor of the autocross.  Our good friends Rene and Carolyn we're in the winners circle driving their Lingenfelter powered Corvette!! Also shout out to Jared, an up and coming auto cross champion who placed 2nd in a silver C4!!  We're sure he will be back next year.

Corvettes at Carlisle

We also participated in the flag display on the side of the hill at the very top, 2nd row from top - white Lingenfelter Corvette!!!

Ken and I were both guest judges.  I picked this Rapid Blue C8 Corvette that was dedicated to Cushings Disease Awareness that their son battled at 10 years old and now is in remission.  

We participated in the parade this year and that was the perfect way to wrap up this years events.  We highly recommend you try to make it next year to Carlisle!!

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