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Kristen Lingenfelter - Lingenfelter Performance Engineering 


                          Monday Motivation - Determination - Chasing the Points 

Running on Continental Tires kept me on Track all Weekend at the Ice Cube Invitational at Grissom AFB in Peru, Indiana 🏁

2 days, 14 Events - I believe I won 12 of the events, racing against the #1 ranked girl in the national rankings and she was in my class. 

As many of you Know I’ve been racing my accelerate Yellow C8 Corvette. Loving the Corsa Exhaust taking off from the line!! Harness and bar arriving this week, installing for next weekend.

I run in the L1SP Class, Women C8 Drivers, street tires - although I need slicks soon!! Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. will be my choice!!

Back to the determination part, the two events I didn’t win on Saturday were simply because I became over confident and took my eyes off the course. This did not go so well missing a gate and a few cones. The C8 was handling so well attacking the corners!!

Sunday morning I arrived with determination walking the course for an entire hour. After the drivers meeting and cars were on track I brought my chair to the corner of turn 2 and watched run after run. I was also coached throughout the day and open to advice from other drivers. Sunday I won all the runs in my class. Hard work brings the results!!

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