Kristen Lingenfelter Racing - Rookie of the Year

Kristen Lingenfelter Rookie of the Year

We’re ready to kick off race season!!  And pick up where we left off last year with the NCCC racing my Lingenfelter C8 Corvette. 

It was late August, 2022 and I signed up for my first race with NCCC.  I’ve auto crossed before but nothing like the course that was set up before me.  The morning started out on the cool side and we walked the course several times.  Some of the best racers were giving me advice and going over the best lines for sucMy biggest fear was forgetting the course.  Somehow I managed to get through it and kept at it all day.  Most of the NCCC races are two day events accumulating points.


As the season progressed, I signed up for more and more events with the influence of our good friend Connie who also races and a very good driver.


By the end of the year several people mentioned to me that they thought I would be Rookie of the Year.  This past April at the NCCC Michigan Awards Banquet I received the Rookie of the Year award. 


My C8 is race ready with new tires from Continental.  I will be tracking our Supercharged C8 and our C8 with LPE intake upgrades.  And the New Z06 will get some track time.


It was great seeing many of you at the Corvette Bash in Bowling Green at the Corvette Museum!! Speaking on a panel with my husband Ken Lingenfelter was a memorable experience!!  And the plant is now open for tours which was a highlight of the trip!!





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