Lingenfelter Collection Open House

The Lingenfelter Collection Open House: An Event Hosted by GM Proving Grounds Retiree Group

Another event at the Lingenfelter Car Collection is fast approaching on Saturday, May 18th supporting Gleaner's Food Bank.  This event is hosted by the GM Proving Grounds Retiree Group.

Doors open at 10am - 3pm.  

New to the Collection is two of Gib Hufstader's race cars on display.  Gib worked along side Zora Duntov on the Corvette Team and was known as his problem solver and more!!  He is a member of the Corvette Hall of Fame.  Here's a link to more background information

Parking at the event will be available in our main lot and neighboring businesses.  Parking on the side of the main street is also available.  

Lingenfelter Collection, 7819 Lochlin Drive, Brighton, Michigan.  Main crossroads 96/Kensington Rd. exit.  - near Kensington Metro Park.  

Hope to see you on the 18th!! 

The Lingenfelter Collection Open House hosted by the GM Proving Grounds Retiree Group is an unparalleled event that auto enthusiasts should mark on their calendars. This unique event offers visitors the opportunity to view a wide range of classic and modern vehicles, so personal and connection to automotive history.

The Retiree Group from the GM Proving Grounds has, over the years, organized this event to perfection, but their partnership with the Lingenfelter Collection takes it to an all-new level. It's a chance for attendees to delve deep into the world of automotive design and engineering.

Not only does the Lingenfelter Collection Open House provide stunning visual spectacles, it is also an opportunity for automotive historic education. Discover the careful selection and acquisition process that has resulted in such an astounding collection, and marvel at the passion and dedication that underpins each vehicle's preservation. The Lingenfelter Collection Open House and the GM Proving Grounds Retiree Group's organization is the unbeatable combination for any car lover's dream.

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