The Amelia - Amelia Island Concours 2024 Recap

The Amelia 2024 Honoree this year was Rick Hendrick.  What a treat to have 35 cars from his personal collection out on the field this past Sunday.

Amelia Island Honoree Rick Hendrick

Attending the Gala and listening to Ray Evernham interview and share Rick's legacy was a wonderful experience. It was fascinating to hear about Rick's favorite cars, especially the one he worked on with his dad, and the one Corvette that holds sentimental value from his first date with his wife. It was touching to hear that these cars hold such significance to him, enough that he wouldn't consider selling them. Such stories really add depth to understanding someone's passion for automobiles and the memories associated with them.

The Amelia 2024 Concours

Another highlight of the interview was the early part of his career and how persistence paid off during a crucial turning point at Martinsville Speedway in 1984.  This pivotal win paved the way to Victory!!

The Amelia 2024 Concours

Another Amelia Island Concours in the books and it looks like the planning for 2025 is underway!! See you next March.

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The Amelia 2024 Concours




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